5 Optional Add-Ons for Your Dump Body

DumpBody-Addon-Small.jpgFuture Line Manufacturing builds aluminum dump truck bodies that are designed to last. Light weight, fuel efficient, and durable, these dump bodies will give you the most bang for your buck. All of our dump bodies come standard with double acting tailgates with quick release and large bulkhead windows. To fit a variety of needs, we offer three styles:

  • Rigid Side 2-3 & 3-4 Yard Dump Bodies
  • Fold Down Side 2-3 & 3-4 Yard Dump Bodies
  • 2 Yard Fold Down Side Dump Bodies

In addition to the standard features of our Future Line Manufacturing Dump Bodies, we offer a host of optional add-ons. Make your dump body your own with these optional features.

5 Optional Add-Ons

1. Electric Tailgate

If you’re all about automation, consider adding an electric tailgate to your dump truck body. This feature will streamline your work while lessening the standard wear and tear of your dump body’s tailgate. For a useful feature that is sure to come in handy, add the electric tailgate.

2. Crossmember Bodies

Crossmembers add support to a dump body ensuring that the weight of the cargo can be safely supported. If your job requires you to transport exceptionally heavy material, consider adding a crossmember to your dump body.

3. Extruded Floors

Extruded flooring for dump truck bodies are designed to haul a variety of products and materials that other flooring systems are not. From barrels to feeders, extruded flooring can haul it all. Strength, durability and versatility are among the many benefits of extruded floors.

4. Cab Shields

Protect your truck cab by adding a cab shield to your dump body. A strong and durable cab shield will keep your truck and truck occupants safe and secure.

5. Coal Chutes

If your job requires quick and easy unloading of grain, coal or other material, consider installing a coal chute. Additionally, you can choose to add multiple coal chutes in various locations to best suit your particular needs.

Don’t just go standard with your next dump body; add some flare with one or more of the five add-ons mentioned above! Get the biggest bang for your buck with a versatile and durable dump body customized to your needs. Contact Future Line for a quote.

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