If you're in need of a high-quality salt spreader look no further than our inventory of Boss, Western and SaltDogg Spreaders.

Boss Spreaders

Advanced engineering isn’t just limited to our snow plows. Both the new TGS 1100 and the TGS 600 are compatible with three different attachment systems. That way you can choose the spreader, then the attachment system that's right for you.

The proven leaders of salt spreaders, the TGS 600 (6 cubic feet, 400-pound capacity) Salt Spreader and TGS 1100 (11 cubic feet, 800-pound capacity) Salt Spreader continue to impress with more standard features and the choice of two different attachment systems.

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Western Spreaders

WESTERN® has a comprehensive line of ice control equipment that includes hopper spreaders and tailgate spreaders in a variety of sizes to fit a wide range of trucks.

Whether you prefer to spread salt, calcium chloride, sand, or all of the above, WESTERN® has the perfect spreader for you.

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 SaltDogg Spreaders

SaltDogg®: Leader of the Pack Spreaders from 100 lb. up to 16 yd. capacity. From manual walk-behind spreaders, to electric drive, gas powered or hydraulic drive spreaders, SaltDogg has what you need.

Whether it is a walk behind, tailgate spreader, electric hopper spreader, or a municipal hopper spreader, we can help you. You can choose between SaltDogg Electric Hopper Spreaders or SaltDogg Gas Hopper Spreaders.

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